Booking Policy

According to the restaurant's policy to make and complete the reservation you must:

- Make your reservation through our website.

- If at the time of booking you only see the option for 4 or more diners, you will not be able to book for a lower number. If you make a reservation for 4 and less people show up, the full price of the menu will be charged for each person who does not show up.

- A credit card will be required in order to apply the cancellation policy, this is necessary to finalise the booking. Please note.

- No amount will be charged at the time of booking.

- If the booking is successful, you will receive a confirmation email. Only in this case will the booking be secured. Please make sure of this. If you do not fill in your personal details and/or do not enter your credit card, the booking will not be completed.

Cancellation Policy

La cancelación de la reserva no supone ningún coste hasta 24 horas antes de la comida/cena. Si se cancela después de este plazo o no acude a su reserva, el restaurante se reserva el derecho de cargar una cantidad de 20 € por comensal.

No amount will be charged at the time of booking.